Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wishing you all a great Easter

Traditional Flaounes
I hope you all have a great memorable holiday...
Hello, I'm sorry for me not being around, computer broken plus exams is truly a terrible combination, anyhow I think it would be worth it to make my way up to this old computer and just send you guys some wishes and greetings. My Easter has been absolutely great and I'm so grateful. I think I'm ready to write some great posts. I am very inspired it's just when I sit down in front of a key board I kind of freeze up a little. 
Anyway yes I hope that you all have a great easter sunday, and I hope your spending it with everyone you love, the pictures above are of a greek easter food called flaounes. They are made with egg and raisins, they are really tasty indeed. Sorry I have not been commenting on all your blogs but I am reading them! all of them! So yes that's all I wanted to say... for now. Stay well!
Spring Flowers

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