Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How I Spent Earth Hour 2011

The Earth is an awesome place
Turning the Lights off
So how did I spend my earth hour? Well at 8 30 sharp I was forcing all my family to turn off everything! I couldn't get the tv off but at least all the lights shut down. It felt great! We had the fire on and it was brilliant so cosy! It was almost like a bonding experience too! Not being able to see seems to bring everyone closer in a way. Which is interesting because I saw a little article in GQ style about these friends who covered their faces for an experiment and said they felt closer then they ever had been before.
So I'm proud to say I got a few people involved by bothering them on twitter about it! I did cheat a little though, I left my laptop on to help me see a little and left 3/4 of the way through the hour for a party! Hmm. Work is terrible at the minute, I need to learn lines for my drama exam, revise Bio and Chem for experiment exams and write our Drama coursework plus test shooting for my commercial! Ugh Dreadful. But it is nice to sit back at the end of the day and write about it all here. How did you spend your earth hour? I'd love to hear. I know poor Idda spent it alone xD perhaps it will be a more fun one next year eh? haha

Nice and warm

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh spring what took you so long?

So much love in blossoms, why is valentine's day in winter again?
Hello everyone, thank you if your reading this because it meant you were bothered enough to follow me here. So here I am, with a blog that feels right. Officially stepped out of the fashion-blogging world like others have done. It doesn't mean I won't post fashion related stuff, just the blog will be more about me and charities and that sorta thing. I have kept the template white to let my content shine through. I hope you enjoy reading my Happenings and here's to a new blogging future! I left the other blog because of the way it was heading, felt like the wrong audience and everything was becoming too self centred and greedy plus not to mention a little bit vein. I just felt I was almost competing to see who built up the biggest lie about themselves.
The pictures in this post are my spring shots. I love doing a start of spring post and this spring has been utterly beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pictures, also a short spring video might be up soon if your lucky. Feel free to vote in the poll on the right! Ty for reading and appreciate you all (By the way photos are low res so load faster) ~

The feather managed to end up in my pond!
Ladybirds can sunbathe too