Thursday, 17 February 2011

Light Floods

Ooooh look at me posing, aha!
Corrine Bailey Rae's cover - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Still computer less for now! I'm carrying around my life on a hard disk! It's quite different I feel like a travelling person, or like a bird you could say. Looking for my home. Any how! One day when the light was beaming through my window I was determined to get back into shooting self portraits, they are good ways of putting through emotions and feelings whilst portraying a sense of style even though they aren't polished and head to toe like looks on lookbook. I find shooting those awfully difficult . So I messed around on Manual mode and really managed to get some interesting light and angles going into the camera. This Leads me on to my topic of the post, there I went from wanting to do something in my day to taking these light inspired photos! Just because a few rays of light found their way into my room. Light really changes everything it touches what an amazing effect a little like snow.

Light helps plants grow, which helps the rest of the animals function. Light can provide energy, cheer people up and help people see clearly. It's amazing, just like water light is essential. Not to mention the thousands of people just like me who are inspired and amazed by something as 'basic' but brilliant such as light.As a photogrpaher, I need to learn how to control and manipulate light for it to work to my effect, you could almost say it's like a love affair between any photographer and light.

The shots are quite 'glam' which isn't usually me but it was hard to match up to the light so bold positions was the only way to stand out in the frame. I do miss having my face more often on my blog, as it makes it feel mine. Latest happenings have been around school and repairing everything that's broken really. Feeling unusually sleepy this week also. But nevertheless excited once again for the future! Trip planning is going well and have some more london pictures to show you guys from Sunday's little love art trip! Here are the rest of the pictures from the light spells! Please don't forget to comment/love/share/hype/follow! Ty ~
Oh and on another note, how amazing is this cover of Prince's song? Such an upbeat romance song! Love it!

The cloudscape we live under really gives amazing images for us to live under!
I would prefer a swan in my place, but I had to use what was available 
The cloud looked layered, darkest, dark, Light and glowing!


  1. Hey, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. You made my day. I've just had a quick look through yours and I have to say your photos are divine. Your quite the photographer =D x

  2. nice photoes.) love the clouds.))

  3. Beautiful clouds :-)
    I should say AMAZING!
    and really nice sweater, I'll buy one similar to yours :-)

  4. hey chris:) that means a lot.. and I know what you mean with 'crap', a lot of the information in blogs is the same.. I put a lot of effort into my blog and I love how I can burst out my creativity into it. I like how you see the little things. and I'm sorry your computer is broken! that really stinks:( hope it fixes itself somehow soon.

  5. Nice sweater dude! :)
    Thank for the comment, i love your shots!

  6. Thanks for your comment! You are so sweet! :) Wow the first picture of clouds is amazing! It almost looks a bit ominous. But then again, I bet a lot of the clouds in England are dark colored because yall receive a lot of rain. lol

  7. Love your blog. So glad I'm following. Love these photos. So much inspiration.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  8. OMG can I say I am so LOVING your cloud pictures?? :D I love to take pictures of clouds and I love the way you capture the light and the's so beautiful! :)


  9. HI!! Thanks for your coment about my photos :)
    I like your blog a lot, you've fantastic photos!

    Bye! =)

  10. Love the lighting in the photos, makes it look very mysterious yet timeless and sort of moody at the same time. Adore!