Sunday, 3 April 2011

Songs for Japan Acoustic Night Fundraiser

My personal fave of the night 'Meyada' sung 'Who wants to live forever'
We're going to sing for the World...
So as a blogger, I need to talk about serious topics as well as light-hearted ones. And if you didn't notice I did not have a Japan post near the time of the tsunami. I saw post after post of fashion bloggers dedicating a little paragraph to it, which is fine, as long as everyone does what they can. Personally though I wanted to do something a little different, thankfully a girl from my school had this great idea to hold an acoustic night to raise money for Japan. A group of people got together and we each got different roles. Me and my friend Holly sold 15 tickets, we sold our bunch out! So of course my role was Photography, which was great because I ended up with all these stunning pictures I could share with you guys! 
It was a great success in the end, I don't know how much money we raised in the end. But I'm sure it was enough to make a difference. My heart still reaches out to all those effected. How much their lives have been turned upside down. To think I'm sitting here writing this when there are people sleeping in a homeless centre who have lost everything. Possessions can be gained again but lives can't. Also what are we doing as people with this nuclear energy? I thought we had already decided renewables where the way forward. So all we can do now is donate and pray. All thoughts with Japan ~
If you haven't already please donate here, it doesn't matter if Japan is a rich country they need YOUR help so donate now:
The sun in this picture kind of looks like the flag of japan
Meyada belting out her voice!
Some nice cake
Everyone was brilliant when it came to working as a team

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