Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April is always good to me

I get so excited over light, gee imagine what I'm like when I see the sea
Let the rain wash the pain away of yesterday...
Aaaah April. The time where light and rain come out to play at the same time. Since I'm just coming down from a high period of time, it's natural I'm feeling a little sad and lonely but April comes just in time to cheer me up! On like the second of April I was walking to the train station and it was light but there were clouds of all shades, dark and light then it started pouring with rain, it was so beautiful! It also felt like I had a shower after! The light shimerring off each raindrop was such a nice surprise. Not to mentions some trees and plants are just beginning their blossoms! Days are getting warmer, people seem happier as well as lighting conditions outside being ready for photos! As a matter of fact I just got my braces off! So excited I can't stop staring in disbelief every time I walk past a mirror! Will post pictures soon
I recently had time to take a peek at Zara's web store and wow! Some nice clothes not to mention the lookbook and people shoots totally inspire me! I want to upload a people shot so bad but you need two pieces from their latest collection and I can't afford anything right now! I suggest you check the store out! I mean the lookbook's give me so much inspiration!

Oh and by the way how brilliant is this jumper on the right? It's like one of those pieces I feel like I've been searching for all my life. Hmm for £30? It's a bit too much. It must be nice to be able to not have to think about money. But it is important for everyone to watch they don't go overboard and start getting ripped off. Below is a lookbook I did to celebrate HAPPENINGS launching! I have many blog Ideas so posting will be regular. This isn't my grand return to fashion blogging, just a little fashion update. I'd also like to thank you guys for reading! Even though only a few comments I appreciate them greatly, I absolutely love hearing what you think. So! I have a question to ask, I'm going to do a little guess the letter in the header one day a week, but I'm not sure what day? If you could leave me a comment saying what day guess the letter in the header should be and a reason why, I would really appreciate that! Thanks so much for reading as usual and see you soon!

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