Friday, 1 April 2011

Sometimes When I'm Sad some nice food cheers me up

Feed me...
Like Sushi for example. I don't know how anyone can hate sushi. The rice is just so delicious and it's just enormously tasty. When I'm ill or feeling bad and I can't put anything in my mouth sushi is my last resort. It's just so expensive that's the problem! I should probably get round to learning how to make my own but when I have so much work finding the time seems to be hard. This week has been a week of chaos. Warning rant coming up Literally I've had my computer breaking AGAIN, lost my hard drive, found it, it broke, I fixed it, fixed my laptop for 20 pounds AGAIN, got ill, got rejected to shoot in st pancreas, redid my coursework about 7 times, had to delete 3 pages of extended project, take photos at acoustic night while being Ill, bringing a load of tissues to class had two tests one biology and a chemistry. PLUS tonight I have a drama performance with someone who thinks she's leader of the group nagging on 24/7 how our performance will be rubbish when it's perfectly fine.     Sigh. Sorry about that back to food....

If  only I had a frozen supply of these.....

Or some chicken tama rice from Wagamama's would make me happy. So filling with all those gorgeous roasted vegetables. Another thing how can some people dislike their vegetable when they are older than ten? Vegetables are almost as amazing as meat! I enjoy my food. I definitely think Asia and the Mediterranean have the best food by far. I love all the greek food I get to consume, just wish I had more asian. Another reminder of the fact we simply can't have it all. Any how I'm ill thus sorry for the quick random post. At the end of this post is one of my favourite sick songs, so groovy! I just need to think happy thoughts to get better. Which better be soon! ~

Sainsbury's Sushi!

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