Thursday, 17 February 2011

Light Floods

Ooooh look at me posing, aha!
Corrine Bailey Rae's cover - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Still computer less for now! I'm carrying around my life on a hard disk! It's quite different I feel like a travelling person, or like a bird you could say. Looking for my home. Any how! One day when the light was beaming through my window I was determined to get back into shooting self portraits, they are good ways of putting through emotions and feelings whilst portraying a sense of style even though they aren't polished and head to toe like looks on lookbook. I find shooting those awfully difficult . So I messed around on Manual mode and really managed to get some interesting light and angles going into the camera. This Leads me on to my topic of the post, there I went from wanting to do something in my day to taking these light inspired photos! Just because a few rays of light found their way into my room. Light really changes everything it touches what an amazing effect a little like snow.

Light helps plants grow, which helps the rest of the animals function. Light can provide energy, cheer people up and help people see clearly. It's amazing, just like water light is essential. Not to mention the thousands of people just like me who are inspired and amazed by something as 'basic' but brilliant such as light.As a photogrpaher, I need to learn how to control and manipulate light for it to work to my effect, you could almost say it's like a love affair between any photographer and light.

The shots are quite 'glam' which isn't usually me but it was hard to match up to the light so bold positions was the only way to stand out in the frame. I do miss having my face more often on my blog, as it makes it feel mine. Latest happenings have been around school and repairing everything that's broken really. Feeling unusually sleepy this week also. But nevertheless excited once again for the future! Trip planning is going well and have some more london pictures to show you guys from Sunday's little love art trip! Here are the rest of the pictures from the light spells! Please don't forget to comment/love/share/hype/follow! Ty ~
Oh and on another note, how amazing is this cover of Prince's song? Such an upbeat romance song! Love it!

The cloudscape we live under really gives amazing images for us to live under!
I would prefer a swan in my place, but I had to use what was available 
The cloud looked layered, darkest, dark, Light and glowing!

Monday, 14 February 2011

{Valentine's post} Love exhibition at the Darkroom

Roses are red
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
Small but brilliantly detailed
Been a while again, yes? Well you are all really quite lucky I managed to get this up today because my laptop is broken! Not completely but the internet on it is dead slow, and I mean really dead slow. It took an hour to upload one of the images. So here I am sitting on a tiny keyboard on my sisters netbook. On Sunday I managed to pop down to the Darkroom for a look at their 'love' exhibition which was all for charity. There were some great pieces and I really enjoyed the feel of the store in general. It's a sort of odd mix of interior furnishings to fashion. So people can be stylish in their home as well as out and about. Would have loved to have bought something but my wallet isn't that full at the moment, more like empty, finding work is hard for a student who isn't free half of Saturdays. There was a lot of fine detail in everything available in the shop, my dad particularly liked the heating. I managed to drag him along, even if it's not his 'thing'. The art pieces where really great. They were all one offs from different artists and designers. It was really good to see how all sorts of diferent views there were on 'love'. One of my particular favourites was a list of lots of different love songs on  large piece of paper, it stood out because it was quite different from anything else there. I have to say though that every one was interesting and brilliant in it's own way.

Another interesting thing to look at was the amount of jewellery, again interesting and almost ancient looking designs. No wonder the price tags are so high. There seems to be a lot of love and care around everything in this shop, from the cushions to the blankets and so on. The love exhibition was also a nice bonus to see. I might just wonder back in there when I have some spare cash to spend. So you know where to go if your wondering around London looking for an unusual store. 

One more great thing I got to see was 'The people's supermarket' as I turned the corner into Great Ormond street  I saw a rather familiar white store sign. I had seen an advert for a documentary on this place, so breifly checking it out and reading some interesting facts on the store windows about them, I caught the program on Tv and managed to point out to everyone 'I was there before it was famous' sort of. I spent the rest of the day going round taking pictures of pretty much anything. So here's my 'love' related post for Valentine's day. The day does manage to depress me but seeing all these love related things popping up everywhere does interest me and I think instead of moaning we should just accept the day for what it is, even if it's all about spending money. New self portraits up soon! I think they are some of the best ones so far! Can't wait to share them. Much love especially on Valentine's day and ty for reading as always, enjoy the photos! ~

You would definitely stand out
 from the crowd with this
Love comes in different colours
Here's that list of songs to get listening to