Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Super Moon is a sign of hope

So big....
I can bring you Light when there's none around...
So did everyone see the supermoon? It was quite a while ago but I didn't post because I was so busy, It was so beautiful to look at. Quite hard to photograph to be honest. I guess it's just a suttle reminder of the amazing world we live in. Once every twenty years makes you feel kind of special. Mind you we are the generation which experienced the millennium so we should feel really lucky. Sometimes I look up at the moon and think that there is someone else looking up at the exact same moon as me but millions of miles away and it makes me happy. I feel connected to the other person. The moon is almost my friend at night, when I can't get to sleep the moon is around most of the time not in a particular rush to go anywhere with all it's stars.

When I was a kid I used to think each star was a relative which had died and they were looking down at me. Hmm I do love summer nights sitting out and watching the sky on my swing in Cyprus. Good times. So when you look at the moon tonight, think of me, and I just might be looking up at it with you. Did you see it? ~

Super sun? It doesn't blind me to look at when it goes all circley 

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