Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh spring what took you so long?

So much love in blossoms, why is valentine's day in winter again?
Hello everyone, thank you if your reading this because it meant you were bothered enough to follow me here. So here I am, with a blog that feels right. Officially stepped out of the fashion-blogging world like others have done. It doesn't mean I won't post fashion related stuff, just the blog will be more about me and charities and that sorta thing. I have kept the template white to let my content shine through. I hope you enjoy reading my Happenings and here's to a new blogging future! I left the other blog because of the way it was heading, felt like the wrong audience and everything was becoming too self centred and greedy plus not to mention a little bit vein. I just felt I was almost competing to see who built up the biggest lie about themselves.
The pictures in this post are my spring shots. I love doing a start of spring post and this spring has been utterly beautiful. I hope you enjoy the pictures, also a short spring video might be up soon if your lucky. Feel free to vote in the poll on the right! Ty for reading and appreciate you all (By the way photos are low res so load faster) ~

The feather managed to end up in my pond!
Ladybirds can sunbathe too


  1. Chris! Amazing pictures, as always...jealous of you and your photo skills! ;)



  2. chris,
    it's sad that you feel that way about your old blog, i thought it was excellent otherwise i wouldn't of featured it on my blog. on the last post you did on there, you said about how your studies are getting on top of you and what not, i'm feeling exactly the same at the moment, i have tons of work to do for uni and i have people pressuring me into blogging which makes it less appealing. what you should do at a time like this is just take an official break from blogging, alot of people are doing it lately, rather than ending it completely. take that time to sort your studies out, sort out whatever other problems there are and return to blogging with a fresh outlook and plenty of inspiration. it's the only way.

    i apologise that i haven't really been commenting on your blogs, but i've barely had time to blog myself so i've taken a break from it, but it's very rare for you to send me a DM about your blog so i had to check!

    just think about the break chris and remember i'm only a tweet away :)

    emma xx

  3. Doesn't it feel so refreshing to leave fashion blogging? I know it felt that way for me. I am glad that this new blog feels more you and that you feel better. Having a healthy mindset and feeling about your personal webspace is really important.

    On another note...you sure know how to wield a camera! These shots are really beautiful.