Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Looking for Location

I apologize for the bad quality of photos in the post
Corrine Bailey Rae - Is this Love
Recently I've been out and about looking for Locations to film my Extended Project advertising campaign. Yet in winter everything always seems so much uglier. I came up with many concepts, one being based around a bridge on a canal in a sort of 'rough' neighbourhood. I also decided to attempt a lookbook while I was at it. Yet as usual my sister failed me and no matter how much work I put into the images, photoshopping and contrasting, I still ended up with horrible shots. There was about 5 to choose from so not much choice to begin with. I went to about 4 different bridges and unfortunately they were all disappointments. Perhaps I should look at locations during spring. I really want this to be good, perhaps even something to go into my portfolio. We'll see. I am sure in the end I will end up settling with something average as I originally wanted to do it abroad.

As for the song it has no relevance to the post but is one of my favourite Bob Marley songs ever, covered by only my favourite artist ever. I think it's definitely worth a listen! Let me know down in the comments what you think of it. Also if anyone has any good concepts or places they think would be good to film at, I would be really interested to hear!
The lighting conditions as you can see where dreadful and I'm definitely interested in buying a light diffuser, the problem is how much money I'm going to end up spending. It's an investment though, I can presume I will be using it again in the future.

Some of the new Armani shots are up! I have to say they are pretty good! Nadal did a way better job than Ronaldo. Is it odd I was expecting them to keep Megan Fox? She's really good at this and if anyone saw her in 'the tip' she was brilliant but most of her shots never seem to leave me in awe, the one below is probably my favourite.
Image from Armani, (do not own it, did not shoot it (ha I wish)) 

So that's it! Sorry if it feels slightly rushed but I really wanted to post to see if anyone comes up with some good ideas! I picked out the first two themes from my little theme box and here they are: Hands and Paper. Hmm I can tell you I'm looking forward to reading this post as much as you are! Have a great rest of week, stay well and please fave/tweet/comment/love this post! Ty for reading ~
Under a tree in the sunshine? Spring hurry up!


  1. I love Corrine Bailey Rae, I've seen her in real life and she was amazing!

  2. Good luck for next time.. hope you'll have better results for your campaign! :)

    Thanks for your always lovely comments. Today it rained a lot in Malta, though we really needed some rain cause Winter was very dry! Hope Greece is great! x

  3. fur is cool ;)

    as long as no animal has been abused because of it. A very important principle for me.

    And that Megan Fox shoot...is HOT HOT HOT :D

  4. ohh can't wait to see your project. that's gonna be good:) never really been a fan of megan fox.. her face looks really old atm.. I don't know, she kind of looks different than before now.

  5. You said ,in winter everything always seems so much uglier .Why do u think that ?I like your new post,but I think the winter is also included beauty's,...you just have to find it... :) Oh, nice pictures ^^

  6. you have really nice pictures here!! :) love magan fox!! she is just SO HOT! XXX es.


  7. Hi! I tried to not like Megan Fox... but I just can't. There is just something about that girl... maybe it's her honesty in her interviews or the fact that she's gorgeous? Who knows?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I LOVE your blog. You have great content and amazing photos. I'm "following" you now. Ha.


  8. I think a lot of snow would make it better ;) but I love that shot of you!I always hate it when I want my picture taken and that person can't take a decent picture of me..it's so frustrating. I am not saying I can take great pictures but I can take good pictures! XD Hence why camwhoring is so much fun aka taking self pictures :P I love that picture of Megan Fox, is it? :D And your last picture is just amazing :) LOVE it!



  9. I love that song! I had never heard that version before and now I adore it, thanks to you. :)

    That last photo is gorgeous, by the way. xo

  10. I'm a huuuge fan of that armani had but the Nadal version :)

  11. Thanks because of your comment! ;)
    Like this post nice pictures!

  12. thanks for dropping by and the lovely comment :) im now following ya :D wanna follow each other? :)* big hugs!! xxx es.