Monday, 17 January 2011

My Day at the Dream factory : Channel 4

Definitely a Dream Factory
Dr.Dog - Heart it Races
Well hello! Exams cleared, life scheduled, worries put aside and back to blogging it is! With an interesting topic of discussion. I'm so sorry to all my followers who had to re follow, chaos has been happening with my blog but it's finally sorted. If you hit follow everything will sort itself out now! (For those of you who don't know Channel 4 is a major television channel in the UK)

So recently I had a little Saturday trip to Channel 4's HQ to do some classes on different media topics. I had an absolutely great day and met some interesting new people. I absolutely loved the fact I was talking to people who knew their stuff and picked up some great advice which I am so thankful for. The building itself was amazing. Every little detail managed to amaze me. From the little televisions in the lifts with 4music on to the stairs used in the Bridget Jones movie, it was all well worth the day. I got a pretty cool 4 talent notebook and pen! Which I am a sucker for freebies. Of course my favourite Channel 4 thing was the huge four at the entrance! Walking underneath that I felt so special. Just like the big 4 which is shown before the program starts it is just like that! It had a brilliantly colourful interior and artwork from all the Big Brother Eyes. Little film 4 boxes with 127 Days or whatever it is being advertised. Pretty awesome...  
So the day kicked off with a short film showing all my favourite programs condensed into about 10 minutes, (just in case we forgot how brilliant channel 4 was) of course filled with mind twisting documentaries and heart racing dramas and series. We then moved on to the Presenting class, which was great fun. The guy who did it was on the only way is essex and he was great fun. Gave us lots of great tips about where to go for a job and what to do, for example show reels and so on which simply no one tells you in real life! That was followed up with an acting course for tv which was super great as you got the chance to bear yourself on camera and take feedback which was again something you don't have access to at home. Then last but not least Interviews for magazines. It was great because the amount of secret info no one else really knows about how to get a hold of stars and the amount of research you need to do to get a good set of questions. Great discussion all round and everyone else's input and opinions were all really interesting to hear!

The day rounded off with a big goodbye and getting home. It was a really great day, and I can't wait to apply for Inspiration week which I can now apply for because of this day! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the building which was a shame but I guess just being there was good enough. Glad I was able to share that with you and I will be going back to victoria to take some photos of the impressive buildings around. Oh and there was a Zara there what more do I want?!

My future walk in wardrobe 
So Zara opened up their new flagship store in Rome! How exciting, I would love to go. It looks huge and amazing. Some great interior design. The picture above is just a regular store. And I've always said If I was rich and would have a walk in wardrobe it would definitely be styled after Zara. New lookbook up soon! Shooting on Saturday so super excited. I don't want to be one of these people who just post looks because they have nothing else to do. Fashion is like an art so you need to put effort in in order for it to be good. Everyone is free to do what they want but I always love being amazed by a great picture someone has taken time to concept shoot properly and photo manipulate to improve picture quality. Oh and I almost forgot, Headphones are now finally OFFICIALLY in trend, according to D&G. 

So that's a post! Hooray. Having finished my exams I am slightly worried what I got results wise and things however I have moved on and relised I need to start studying again! Hard but not so hard I don't have time to post. New posts will be coming up soon hopefully with some interviews? One about Images and what they can do is on my list, so you can look forward to reading my thoughts on that! As I said before I've lost all my followers so please feel free to hit follow and comments are so appreciated as always. I love getting feedback! Thank you so much for taking the time out to read, see you soon ~
Even More 4, get it xD 
Just to remind you what notepad your using


  1. Wow I love the look of that sleek and futuristic looking. :D Sounds like you had fun and it's always nice when people give you advice on things you couldn't get anywhere. :) I am sure you did fine on your exam :D I am sending you a heap loads of luck!!! and a walk in closet like that would be SWEET!! I want one too!!!


  2. how cool?! haha bet you had fun!!x

  3. thanks for your comment! i wish zara would open up in aus! what a great experience at channel 4 :)

    F. ( x

  4. Wow! Glad that you stopped by my blog :D I was so busy and didn't catch up much :-< and missed out your "moving" :D Hope ur blog will grow bigger :D

    Whoa, just look at the picture of the Channel 4 building, so impressed. I love the big 4! The notebook "4 talent" is so cool, I wonder how the pen look like =P can only guess that the ink is black :)) Such a great experience to u! So jealous >"< =P

    lol And I have problem with my exam too >"< so worry cuz I know I didn't do good but what can we do when everything is done :P anyway Good luck, Chris :)

    Thank for sharing! >:D<
    Have a NICE day! :)

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Your blog is great! I´m a new follower!
    have fun!

  6. Aww thanks dear! Hope you did well in your exams by the way :)

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day!
    Hope exams went alright, xx

  8. OH! nice post, Following u now!

    Cesar from CT

  9. That sounds like a really cool place!

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    Sounds like a prety amazing day at Channel 4 HQ, Do you know if it's ever open to the public? xxx

  11. you're super lucky for such a cool oppurtunity! and i bet you did well on your exams :)


  12. Thank you for the kind comments. I am now following your blog. I love it! I hope you will follow mine if you like it, and continue to leave comments on mine. as I will on yours. xoxox, christina

  13. Aww sorry did not realize that! Just followed this one :)

    And yeah some guys clothes are super expensive unfortunately!

  14. great post?are you by any chance greek?your header picture is from greece!!
    i am following!
    stay in touch if u like!!

  15. what a wicked office! thanks for dropping by love <3 i follow back!

  16. Wow! Really nice post! Lucky you!!!
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  18. yes, zara has great stylings of their boutiques :)

    So tidy and elegant!

  19. You have big dreams for your future wardrobe :) I'm hoping mine will be just as amazing!
    Following Your blog. xx